Monday, January 7, 2008

Running Log, PowerSDR Console Mods...

15 Jan 08:
1. Added Console resizing (both horizontal and vertical dimensions can be sized independently). Controls are in Setup>Appearance>Display.

13 Jan 08:
1. The "long-tailed" cursor vertical tail now shows in both windows when in "split screen" mode.

2. Added the Peak Needle to all of the "Edge" style meters. And some of these meters have different ballistics (attack and decay times) for their 'normal' needle, because with some meters it's more useful to *not* have the needles behave like normal analog meters.

3. Added four new buttons in the Setup>Appearance>General tab to allow greater customization of the Console look (background, unselected buttons, text, and text background). Might have bugs: some parts are a bit kludgy.

9 Jan 08:
1. Added a "Freeze" button (Look between the Average and the Peak buttons - you'll see a button labeled "F") to freeze display updating. Press it once, the display freezes. Press again; it unfreezes. It also unfreezes if the frequency is changed, filters are changed, go to transmit, or any of a number of other actions (which would normally cause a change in the display) are performed.

A) When Freeze is pressed, the button turns 'orange'. I use this as a visual indicator to identify controls that are ON (or "activated") which I might want to quickly find later.
B) You cannot take a 'snapshot' of a frozen picture (this might be useful, though - so I'm going to think about how I might be able to do it).

2. Changed the label on my 'Peak Search' button from "Pk" to "PS" (for Peak Search).

7 Jan 08:

1. Added a trackbar in the Setup>Appearances menu to allow setting of Panadapter size when in the combined Panadapter/Waterfall mode. When in this mode, the Panadapter size can be adjusted from 20% to 80% of the display size.


W9JCM said...

Thanks for the new console I love it and am using it as my 100% duty console. The buttons for the playback are great and the new waterfall display is the cats meow.
Also enjoyed meeting you on 75 meters the other morning. Thanks talk to you soon.


Jeff said...

Thanks, John. I enjoyed meeting you, and of course it's always good to talk with Mike, W6THW. And thanks for the comments, too!


- Jeff