Saturday, September 1, 2012

K6JCA Beacon

We've just set up a 10 Meter Beacon!

At the moment, the equipment consists of a Radio Shack HTX-100 running 20 watts into an inverted-vee and keyed with an ID-O-Matic keyer.  (Please note that the keyer identifies the station as being 1 watt ("1 W") -- I'll update this to the correct power as soon as I can get my laptop to the keyer).

Beacon frequency is 28.222 MHz.

The beacon is located in Carmel Valley, California (between Salinas and Carmel), near the summit of Laurales Grade, at an elevation of about 1,620 feet.  Grid square is CM96dm.

Let me know if you copy it.  You can leave a comment here, or you can reach me at:  jca1955 at sbcglobal "period" net.

By the way -- if you'd like a QSL card for reception of the beacon, please send a QSL and a self-addressed stamped envelope.


- Jeff


drjim said...

I'll give a listen tomorrow.
I just shut my Flex and PC down for the night.

drjim said...

Nothing heard at 1740UTC.

Jim Pogue said...

Just a note to say your 10 meter beacon was putting a nice signal into Memphis, TN this morning (1401Z on Sept. 23. I'll be sending you one of my QSL cards and an SASE in hopes of receiving a beacon QSL from you. Best 73, Jim - KH2AR/W4

Anonymous said...

Good copy of your beacon into JN57dr, Bavaria - Germany. Using only a whip on the balcony on 09/25/12 17:34Z, making it up to RST419.
73 de Tom, DL2WB

Jon K said...

539 at 9:00 PDT (04:00 UTC) much to my surprise. Fine copy on 75M dipole, weak on vertical, no copy on hex beam pointed away.

Jon, K6JEK, Sunnyval

Unknown said...

recieving ur beacon at 5-3 with QSB into QF57ua VK2ZMT

Anonymous said...

Am RXing beacon S-7 from EN36 on a 75M dipole 73 AB9AC

Anonymous said...

Here is CT1JTQ Angel in Sagres S.W. Portugal.
At the moment 16.52 Z your beacon is coming to me.
19 db S/N on 28.222,3 Vertical loop Full size Rx Flex 1500 :I decode also using Skimmmer and logging by RXcluster. Also yesterday my System spotted you.
I will send a QS card ( I, an OT hi )
Angelo ct1jtq ex i1js

Jack said...

Heard your beacon on 28.223 kHz. I am 20 mi. south of Flint, MI. I am using a Realistic DX-300 with a 12' wire antenna, ungrounded and casually strung in the room. I heard it today, at 2:25 EST.

Not a ham here. I am revisiting the SWL hobby. I do remember the SINPO code. Yours would be 2-3-3-4-3.


Unknown said...

Excellent copy, 10 Feb 2013 19:00 utc
579 to 599 here in Eagle River, Alaska grid: BP51fh

73 GL de AL7JK, John

KJ8O said...

heard ur 10 meter beacon from Troy MI (grid EN82jo) on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2012 at around noon local time. My written reception report is on it's way.

73 de Joe KJ8O

Robert, KB7ZGB said...

Receiving your 28.222 MHz beacon weak signal but completely copyable from Downtown Muncie, Indiana 1840Z on 16Feb13. Thanks kindly for operating the beacon, very helpful and much appreciated !

Your RST: 419
My Gridsquare: EN70he
My Station: Icom IC-751a, Alpha Delta DX-CC Fan Dipole (E/W propagation), MFJ-993B tuner.

73 de Robert, KB7ZGB/9

Unknown said...

I'm receiving ur beacon sig nicely (rst 549 )in bloomington, IN on Feb 22 at 1830 utc. My antenna is an indoor 40 meter dipole running thru an antenna tuner. I'm on the 2nd floor of an apartment building.

operating from this qth is challenging and I'm just now begiinng to check out how 10 meters will work for me. Thanks for operating this beacon.

73 de Ki4uta
Kevin Jones

Mike said...

Copy your beacon in Penryn
at 2-24-13 at 2:24pm
Mike (w6thw)

Anonymous said...

Good copy 539 into North Pole,
Alaska 3/10/13 2222z 28.222

Unknown said...

Good copy into Cordova, TN
al, N5ME