Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rogue's Gallery

Some of the gang (from a BBQ at my house after the last De Anza swapmeet of 2007 (October '07)):

Joe, N6DVD; Vlad (sitting), KB9OLM; Dick (standing), W1QG; and Denny, AE6C

(Sitting) Vlad, KB9OLM; Denny, AE6C; Bob, KX6K; Jon, K6JEK; Russ, NM6DX

Jon, K6JEK; Russ, NM6DX; Mark, W6NB

Les, WB6ORZ; Rich, WA6KNW; Rod, KQ6F

(Please ignore the small delay in getting these posted! - Jeff)

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