Saturday, September 1, 2012

K6JCA Beacon

We've just set up a 10 Meter Beacon!

At the moment, the equipment consists of a Radio Shack HTX-100 running 20 watts into an inverted-vee and keyed with an ID-O-Matic keyer.  (Please note that the keyer identifies the station as being 1 watt ("1 W") -- I'll update this to the correct power as soon as I can get my laptop to the keyer).

Beacon frequency is 28.222 MHz.

The beacon is located in Carmel Valley, California (between Salinas and Carmel), near the summit of Laurales Grade, at an elevation of about 1,620 feet.  Grid square is CM96dm.

Let me know if you copy it.  You can leave a comment here, or you can reach me at:  jca1955 at sbcglobal "period" net.

By the way -- if you'd like a QSL card for reception of the beacon, please send a QSL and a self-addressed stamped envelope.


- Jeff