Monday, January 14, 2008

Selectable Sizes?

Several people have asked me if the Console size can be made selectable. At the time I thought not, but I did some experimenting, and I discovered that, after launching the PowerSDR application, sizes can be changed. Here's an example (click on it to enlarge):

OK - it's still crude (I only added 8 lines of code). But this image shows a Console that is 1280 pixels wide (the max width of my monitor), instead of Flex's current 1024 pixels wide. For experimenting purposes, I changed the width (and the location of various controls) at the end of the initialization routine. The next thing to do is to add a control to the Setup menu to let the user select between 1024 and 1280 (and perhaps other size) wide. Going wider than 1280 is a bit more difficult for me to do, because I don't have a wider screen, and thus seeing how the overall Console looks, when taken as a whole, becomes impossible.

Also - I could just as easily change Vertical Size, too, but at the moment this isn't my main concern - I really wanted to get more horizontal display pixels onto the screen.

And...several people have asked me if I can scale "everything" to fit larger screen sizes. Although possible, it looks like I'd have to go through and individually change, literally, *everything*, (including, for example, the Font size for every button, etc., on the Console). I might be missing some obvious way of doing it (what I don't know about c# would fill the ocean!), but it looks like it'd be a tremendous amount of work, so frankly I can't see doing it.

However, stretching the Horizontal size (and perhaps Vertical), looks like it should be fairly easy to do.

Let me know what size(s) you'd like to see, and I'll see if I can add them...

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Anonymous said...

This is great, Jeff. Now my previously made suggestion makes even more sense. Instead of moving the frequency band and leaving the checked frequency at the same spot, exchange it: leave the frequency band stable and move the pointer (reminds me of very old radios, hi). Then we always have the view of the whole band and can jump to the new spots, the pan_waterfall always staying stable. Turnig the mouse wheel would move the pointer instead of the band.
In order to change the band sector we could use the slider for the center of the pan. It should always stay in the middle. When you have moved it to the left or right side, it would jump back to the middle position so you can move through the whole frequency band. Hw?
73, Chris HB9AJP